Dog Daycare

dog daycare in brooklyn


We provide dog daycare in a crate-free, welcoming environment with attentive staff who cater to the needs of your dog. Our indoor and outdoor spaces give pups plenty of room to romp around in. We also ensure plenty of personal attention for each of our canine guests. Separate areas are available for dogs that are less active or need solo time, but we never leave your dog alone. We match daycare dogs with others that share a similar playing style and temperament. All new clients must undergo a behavior evaluation prior to joining the ALC dog daycare group.

Daily Rate M-F, 8 am-8 pm | Sat/Sun 10 am-7 pm Late pick up charges apply past closing (8 pm)
Up to 40 lbs $35.00
Over 40 lbs $40.00
Puppies under 6 months $40.00
Two dogs, same household $25 for second dog
Social Hour (1 hour of play while you run errands) $15.00, $5 additional hour
Pre-paid packages Buy ahead and save!

  • BEST DEAL 30-day package will provide $55 off total, free bath service for your pooch, and 10% off any retail items while package is active
  • 5-day package: $10 discount and 10% off any retail purchases while active
  • 10-day package: $25 discount and 10% off any retail purchases while active
  • 20-day package: $35 discount plus free bath service, 10% off all retail while package is active
  • Sibling packages: First dog at full day rate and only $25 for second dog, plus 10% off any retail purchases while active
 Packages are good for one year!
Trial (new customers) $15.00 for 2-3 hours If your dog spends the full day, you will be charged the full day rate
Pick up / Drop off service (on foot) $10-$15 based on location, M-F;
$25 Sat-Sun
Only available in local neighborhoods, must book in advance